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The CIA Wants Me

The next day, I woke up early. It is interesting to note that at all times during my life when I have been the most psychotic, I slept very little. This is especially unusual for me, because, normally, I tend to sleep a lot.

On this particular day, much of the ideation from the night before had evaporated. However, I still had the idea that perhaps I was a candidate for recruitment into the CIA. I was wondering who I knew who was in the CIA. Rudy happened to call me on the phone. He was the man who went to the police station with me. He said, "Kurt, can you come over sometime to discuss things? I might have a project for you." I said, "Sure, how about today?" We arranged to meet that afternoon. I went over to his house. We went into his living room and immediately we started discussing my suspicions about what was happening to me. I told him only what I was certain was the truth at that time. I explained that I was working at the main control facility for a multi billion dollar satellite system, and that I thought for this reason, I somehow came under surveillance by the intelligence community, and that they had placed software on my computer that would enable them to keep track of my online activities.

Rudy said, "Who do you think is doing this?"

I said, "I don't know, one of the intelligence agencies...the FBI, DOD, CIA, I don't know."

He said, "How would you like to go to work for them?"

I said "Who?"

"The CIA. How would you like to go to work for them?"

"What do you mean?"

He said, "I worked for the CIA for a while. I know a recruiter. I could talk to them for you."

I thought, "Wow, now it's getting interesting! I was right!"

I said, "What would I do for them?"

Rudy said, "You could be an analyst"

"But I have no experience. I didn't even graduate from college."

"That doesn't matter. They'll train you."

"What would my salary be?"

"You could make up to a hundred thousand dollars a year."


We talked about this for a few more minutes.

Then he said, "Listen. I wouldn't mention this to anyone just yet."

"Ok. I understand."

After our discussion, he showed me a handyman project he wanted me to work on. Then, I left.

Now I was absolutely certain I was right. The CIA wanted to recruit me. They were going to be calling me any minute. But, I also thought, "I don't really know Rudy very well. Why would he recommend me for the CIA?" I knew his friend, Woody, much better. I thought, "Maybe Woody is in the CIA. It was probably Woody who recommended me. Maybe they will never tell me this. After all, everything is on a need-to-know basis. What else don't I know about this situation? There must be some other information I don't have. I will have to wait and see what happens next."

I worried that I did not understand everything about the situation. I thought I was definitely a candidate for employment at the CIA, but I also thought that there was some other problem that I couldn't know about. Why would they have 100 people following me? I thought that perhaps in addition to testing me as a candidate, the CIA might have been investigating me. At some point, I became fearful that the CIA might try to abduct me (again), or they just might decide to kill me. I wasn't sure.

I spent the next several days at my parents house. On one of these days, I went over to my apartment. My roommate Jim was there. I had suspicions since I first met him that Jim was one of THEM. When he saw me, he immediately started yelling at me. Apparently the rent check I gave our landlord had bounced. Jim was upset about this and kept saying that his credit was going to be affected. I was thinking that Jim's behavior was just another stress test that THEY had planned for me. I knew his credit was not going to be affected at all. I thought he was really being a great actor. He seemed very angry. Jim was putting on his best actor's face. I started to laugh, and Jim stopped yelling. Then, he started to laugh too. He said nothing else. I thought, "This just confirms my suspicions that he is one of THEM. Why else would he start laughing if he was actually angry with me?"

My parents soon arranged an appointment with a local psychiatrist. My friends and relatives went to talk to him prior to my appointment. This psychiatrist had a home office in the same neighborhood where Woody and Judy lived. I wondered if there might not be some other connection between them and the doctor. I also had some suspicion about whether the psychiatrist might have some connection with the CIA. When I finally met with the psychiatrist, I told him NOTHING. I thought, "What could he do to change anything? What is he going to know about what is happening to me? What is the point of telling him anything? He's not going to believe anything I say." He diagnosed me with Bipolar Disorder based on the consultation with my family and he prescribed Lithium. I knew I wasn't Bipolar so I never took any of the medication. My parents were insistent that I take the medication so I tried to convince them that I was taking it.

A few weeks later, my mom had scheduled an appointment with our family doctor for herself. She wanted me to go with her to the doctor's office. For some reason, I also had to see Woody and Judy that day. They had returned home early from their vacation house in Aspen. I went over to their house before the doctor's appointment. They asked me what I was doing the rest of the day. I told them I was going to our family doctor with my mom. They asked me, "Who is your family doctor?" I told them who our doctor was. Later on, when I was at the doctor's office, I was sitting in the waiting room waiting for my mom to finish with the doctor, and a man walked in. He approached the counter to check-in. He said to the nurse, "Hi. I'm here to see the doctor. I'm the one who called at the last minute. My name is Mr. Schorer." He then proceeded to sit down across from me. I thought, "Schorer. Hmm. Where did I hear that name before? I heard it from Joe, the handyman in New York. He mentioned that he knew a hit-man named Larry Schorer." Before this man arrived, I was not thinking about Mr. Schorer, New York, Joe, hit-men, or anything even remotely related to those subjects. The entrance of this man was completely unexpected. I sat there for a few minutes. Mr. Schorer was looking through a magazine. He said to me, "I'm reading about Josef Mengele--the Nazi 'Doctor of Death'. Really interesting. I like that kind of stuff." Soon afterwards, the nurse called him back into the office. I became very suspicious of this situation. I wondered if this encounter had been arranged by THEM. I thought it might be an example of the mind games they had been playing with me. I wondered if this man was actually named Mr. Schorer. It could be anybody, it could be an imposter. How could THEY have arranged it? I thought, how could they even know about my conversation with Joe? Suddenly, it seemed clear to me that there was a connection between Woody and THEM. I had told Woody that I was going to the doctor's that day. Woody and Judy had also arranged for me to go to their daughter's place in New York two months earlier. They must have arranged for Joe to do some work there and to tell me about Larry Schorer. I remembered Joe telling me about the 'game'. Maybe that was a clue to what was happening. I remembered the hidden space between the walls of Woody's office,where I thought someone was watching me, and the open door I found later on. Woody was also very good friends with Rudy. It couldn't all be a coincidence. They had some kind of plan. They were playing some kind of game. But what was the point of all this?

I also started to wonder how Judy might have been involved in all these events. I remembered the time we were sitting at her breakfast table, when a strange car came up the driveway and opened her garage door. At that time, it seemed to me that she was not that worried about it. I wondered, "Maybe she was just playing along with the game?"

I became very angry and hurt that Woody and Judy would participate in a game like this, with me as the pawn. I decided I was going to return their house key. I gave it back to them the next day without any explanation. I had always thought they would act with my best interest in their minds. I thought, "Maybe they believe they are actually acting in my best interest. Maybe they went through this same process themselves to get recruited into the CIA. Maybe this is a rite of passage." I wasn't sure that Woody wouldn't give THEM access to my computer. Maybe he might think it was in my best interest for THEM to have access. I didn't think so. I retrieved my computer from his basement.

During the work week, I often went to a local Bagel Shop with my Dad. We normally went in the morning. I had been doing this with my father for more than a year. Coincidently, I started to find Rudy at the Bagel Shop on a regular basis. I had never seen him there prior to this time. I thought the CIA must have directed him to go to the Bagel Shop so he could meet us there.

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